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1. Applicant must provide one letter of character recommendation. Your references should be from employers, educators, counselors, mentor, leader in your community, or someone qualified to offer testimony of your character. These references should not be people who are related to you or a friend. The reference’s role is to write a letter of recommendation supporting your candidacy. The letter must include the references contact information including: name, phone and email address. 

2. You must hold at least an 85% GPA for your cosmetology program and at least a 90% attendance record with no-call no-show days. We will verify this with a contact from Elevate Salon Institute to confirm eligibility. 

3. You must be a new or currently enrolled student at an Elevate Salon Institute enrolled in their cosmetology program that leads to licensure in the U.S., you will need to upload proof of enrollment i.e.: acceptance letter, official letter from the school, or an updated progress report 

4. You will need to submit answers to questions (a-c) via a 3-5 minute video: A.) Explain the moment when you were certain that a career in cosmetology was your calling. B.) Why did you choose to attend Elevate Salon Institute? C.) Tell us about your career goals. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.