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About Skin Script Skin Care™

Skin Script Skin Care™ was created/founded by Lisa VanBockern, an aesthetician, who created it for aestheticians. Lisa is an alum of Arizona State University, and her background was in accounting and computer information systems.  Lisa became an aesthetician at the age of 40 and found her passion in skin care!  Her personal mission statement is “Education will set you free” and she believes it’s never too late to keep learning and searching for your passion.  

Skin Script’s mission is to provide great products and education so our aestheticians prosper and succeed.  Our 3 pillars are amazing professional products, excellent customer service that is friendly and fast, as well, as quality education at an approachable price.   

Being dedicated to beautiful skin, Skin Script provides the promise of healthy, vitalized, and youthful-looking skin. We have developed fruit-based masks, enzymes, peels, and retail products that are gentle, yet effective. You will find the products ideal for treating all skin types and Fitzpatrick’s Method. Skin Script has been dedicated to empowering aestheticians since 2007 and welcomes you to join us in your professional journey!   

Name of Scholarship

Skin Script Skin Care™ - "DISCOVER YOUR PASSION” Esthetics Student Scholarship is funded from the VanBockern-Dean Family Foundation on behalf of Skin Script Skin Care™ and is open to newly accepted or currently enrolled esthetics students in an accredited school or institution that leads to licensure in the U.S. 

Award Amount | # of Recipients

Tiered scholarship awarding (3) three different winners | $18,000 in Scholarships per Season 

$36,000 TOTAL 

  • First Tier scholarship: (1) one $10,000 scholarship
  • Second Tier scholarship: (1) one $5,000 scholarship
  • Third Tier scholarship: (1) one $3,000 scholarship

Summer 2024 

Scholarship Applications open for the Summer 2024 season, from June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024. 

Applicant Qualifications

  • Must be a new or currently enrolled student in an esthetics program in an accredited school or institution in the U.S.
  • The applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age or older by the start date of the program at the accredited school or institution.

Application Requirements

1. Complete online application and submit proof of enrollment in an esthetics program by uploading your: progress report, or official acceptance letter from the school.

2. Submit a 3-minute maximum, YouTube video with a public link answering the following questions:  

  • Please describe how receiving this scholarship would set you on your path to achieving your short-term and long-term goals?
  • Describe when you discovered that becoming an aesthetician is your PASSION and WHY?
  • As education is one of our three pillars, how do you see the importance of education now, and in the future in supporting your career goals?





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